Monday, April 16, 2007

Little L's Room

Jungle Dream Pagoda inspired me to take some photos of my little girls room after reading the post about her daughter wanting to change her pink palace. You know me, I would keep the pink! Just tone it down to pale pink and add some chandeliers, fur rugs and a French fainting sofa. Think about it Crooked Halo!

I got this old childs kitchen dresser from the ghetto swapmeet for $1! I have had such fun arranging all of little L's tea ware.

All of the animals are having a drunken fiesta :) This is the center of Little L's shadow box.

Tom and the kids checking out the shadow box party. They weren't too impressed that the animals were drinking alcohol! It's cool, the animals didn't drink and drive. No opposable thumbs :)

I got the paper lanterns from Cost plus - $2.75 for the three. They are hanging off pink feather fairy lights that Myer had for Christmas.
The mirror and elephant picture are a remnant from my Bollywood loving days :)


  1. That little kitchen hutch is so cute,and what a deal!actually,my littlest will be getting a room make-over too,and she chose a baby pink color. I will probably use a bitt of the furniture fron the pink palace,but I might paint it a lighter pink!~ golly has that furniture been painted alot!

  2. Her room is GORGEOUS! Beautiful job decorating. That is so cute how her displays are little toy images of your grown up ones :D Love it!

  3. Her room is so cute!!! I love girls' rooms. There a lot of Disney Princess around our house too! The kitchen dresser is brilliant.

  4. So cute! My four year old daughter also has the same cute short hair style!