Sunday, April 15, 2007

This and That

Jon is back from his holiday up North with lots of pictures of the fish he caught. Here is a photo of his feline friend Sylvester stalking his latest catch.

I finally got the hooks drilled in for these measuring cups. I like to sell sets of these on ebay so this will be great for taking photos.

Tom has taken to drinking from the toilet now - what a canine feline! Didn't get the camera in time to catch him with his head down the loo, balancing on his little legs.

I had to dust all the china and glass on my bakers stand. I always use this opportunity to rearrange everything. I like dusting, aren't I a weirdo? If I was dusting fugly brown pottery I wouldn't like it so much.


  1. ok first of all EWWWW to the fish.
    secondly i have those pink measuring cups too. So cute.
    And thirdly i am coming to your house and STEALING all of that pretty china!!! ohmigawd Peta it all looks soooooo gorgeous!!! I love it love it. Did i say i love it?

    LMAO xo

  2. Never been into bakers racks but my god you have made yours scrummy.I mean they look so delicious now i know that expression eye candy Peta,Great job and Neil loves your cat pics too.

  3. Oh, I don't know. Dusting is still dusting no matter what the stuff is clinging to! But you are right, playing with the displays is a nice treat to help make the work go by easier!

    And yes, it is very pretty at your house!

  4. That photo of the cat and the fish is so funny!! I also like Tom's drinking photo. Dusting can be relaxing. Theraputic.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Your cat pics are too funny. I too, would rather dust pretty things than "fugly brown" lol. I am finding that as I get rid of my blah dishes & stuff & replace them with nifty vintage pretty things I don't mind cleaning as much.

  6. Your teacup pretties are so yummy!!!

  7. GAH! What beautiful china! I love the set in the first picture, the all pink. I think that's my favorite.

    I also love how once in awhile under Things you need on the side bar there is some pretty yummy beefcake. ;)