Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haven't Been Here For A While....

I was looking over some of my older posts and saw one for this gorgeous English shop,
Decorative Country Living.
There are some divine new things here since my last visit and a great Easter range. A little late now but you could get in early for next year.
I had an op-shopping binge today - 5 shops in one hour! I scored some great stuff. I couldn't believe how much vintage Japanese ceramics I found today, and for good prices too!
Still no camera, but I will be taking photos soon.

My little boy set up his "office" in our bedroom. Love that there is so many ornaments on it! I guess he picked that up from my desk lol!


  1. How do you even manage 5 shops in an hour? Around here it takes me at least 20 minutes to drive from one to the next, then another 10 minutes getting Jack out of the carseat!

  2. That's because I was child free! And I have quite a few thrift shops around me, I am spoilt for choice!

  3. Five op-shops in one hour - I am so jelous. I like your little boy's office. I love it how boys pick up interior decoration skills from their mothers!

  4. I love your little ones desk set up!
    Ps thanx for taking the time to vote for my sis's dolls!

  5. i want i need those blue tins!!!!

    shann xo

  6. I want that broom!
    Where did you get it? Online?

  7. Linda, it is from an online shop. Just click on the highlighted word, "Decorative Country Living."

  8. How clever and shabby chic is your son,i taught minr=e to op shop at a very young age,i could do 4 op shops in half hour if i rushed but i go through very slowly,love that english shop too.