Monday, April 30, 2007

Favourite Colour Swap

I posted about this ages ago. I received a parcel but I never got a partner to send to. I thought it was because (a) - I joined quite late, (b)I wanted to post only to someone in my own country and this was mostly an American swap and (c) uneven numbers.
But I got an email saying my partner was upset because she didn't get anything from me!
Hello? What partner? And why didn't she ever contact me directly? This was all months ago!
Anyway, I never renege on a swap so I had fun finding things in my partners favourite colours of blue, red and green. It can be quite refreshing to shop for things outside your usual pallet.
I can only show the packaging at this stage to keep up the suspense :)


  1. That looks excellent with a doilly wrapped over it. What a good idea, i'll have to steal that one.

  2. Love the idea of vintage doily wrapping paper!!!!