Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Ebay Buys

Haven't done one of these posts for a while!

I bid on these prayer ladies solely for the Instant Coffee jar. Love the prayer on this one, click on it to see.

Hand dyed vintage doilies. I put the aqua one on top of Jon's xbox much to his annoyance. Hey, at least it wasn't the pink one, right?

Robert Gordon polka dot enamel ware jug. This is huge, I don't actually have a use for it! A rose vase maybe.

I think this may be another Josef Girl for my collection. It is the same height and quality of porcelain with the same Japanese stamp but this one doesn't have the black eyes. It was a bargain and pretty too, whatever it is.

Vintage roses painting. It was the background colour that sold me.

I have bought one of these bowls before. In fact I LOVE this old chinese enamel ware with the blush edging. This bowl has a lilac edge, one I haven't seen before. Plus, it has my beloved birds. I have high hopes of turning one of these bowls into a sink one day.

Another lot that I bought because they look like Josef Girls.

And last but certainly not least, a brand new in box lavender christmas tree!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad I visited here, as I love your blog, too! Those are DARLING little angels! My mother collected them, now bit by bit she is sharing them with my sister-in-law and me. An instant collection! =)

  2. Thanks Beachy, I absolutely adore your blog :)

  3. What a spectacular haul!!! That lavender tree will rock Jons world, not just X box but X-mas !!!

  4. oh look at all your girls now Peta!
    Remember "my name is Peta and i am a collector-aholic"


  5. You always find the best stuff, Peta! I am roarin' laughing picturing your son's face while you try to girly up the X Box, I can imagine my sons would be the same way :)

  6. a lavender christmas tree?! i NEED that =) debbie

  7. YES! A sink! That would be too awesome. And an xbox totally needs a doily on top, very good. And I must confess I do enjoy instant coffee.

  8. p.s. Gooooooo collections!

  9. A lavendar tree! WOW

    And the paryer ladies are too cute. Other than your blog I have never seen them!

  10. Rebecca, can't believe you haven't seen any, they are from the US!

  11. Love love LOVE the rose oil painting...and the polkadot jug is so cute!!!

  12. love to see your bargains peta and thanks again for my surprise pressy
    think taking pics of the gorls room is a great idea,they grow up so fast.I did a layout on my son Joels big black boots just before he lft home including his room so glad now i did.

  13. What taste you have! Love it all!