Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Floor!

Am so excited! We got rid of the cream carpet in our living area and hallway and replaced it with timber laminate.
The cream carpet was a nightmare. I was constantly shrieking at the kids "Wipe your feet!" "Take off your shoes!"
When we ripped up the carpet it had the most disgusting puke green lino tiles underneath.

Tom freaked out. He doesn't deal well with change.

While we had the carpet pulled up I finally convinced Jon to paint a green feature wall. I changed the dining table around too. Loving these floorboards, I am amazed at how much bigger they make the room look.
Oh, yes. Jon bought that horrid monstrosity of a television. 40 inch Samsung LCD, it completely takes over the whole room. Even worse, it is black. I have been threatening to throw a lace tablecloth over it.


  1. Lovely lovely you should post more little vignettes of your house it looks lovely.i wanna see more
    that litlle servery reminds me of Shannons.Love it all

  2. VictoriaE6:51 PM

    Excellent, so much less stressful having floors you can wipe clean. And it looks so good. (That tv bears a striking resemblence to ours. The things we must endure to stay married.)

  3. Loving the floors! How great does it look, Im loving all your things around.....but Im gonna come and pinch your coffee prayer lady :P


  4. The floor looks terrific.

  5. The new floors look great. I agree about the TV - it needs camouflage!
    An armoire with foldback doors maybe?

    I saw one of those wire cupcake holders yesterday at Spotlight and thought of you :)

  6. The floor looks great!!! We (ironically)have only 1 carpeted area,it is ofcourse our living area,the rest of the house has amazing original hardwoods!Atleast the carpet isa carmel color(and groovy modern day shag) but its still impossible to keep clean with kids!

  7. It looks great! It really does open up the room.

  8. I have to say, you do like pink. It looks very nice.