Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Swap Parcel

Here is the parcel I received from Sally.
So prettily wrapped and I love the handmade tags!

S - for soap (which I gave as my S item too!)
P - for pig. This is a gorgeous, vintage money box. My little girl swiped this from me straight away. She also took a surreal photo of the pigs eye - observe...

R - was for pretty pink and green ribbon.
I - was for Irish Tea (very clever Sally, I found this quite a hard one!

N - was for nail cream, another clever one!
G - was for green necklace, handmade by Sally. I put this on straight away,love it!

Thanks so much Sally for your generous and thoughtful gifts! The Timtams were especially appreciated:)


  1. Great package! And what a cute piggy. :) And what, praytell, is a Timtam??

  2. Looks like both of you made out pretty well!! Fabulous goodies on both parts :D

  3. oooh Peta how gorgeous are your prezzies!
    And I so love that Rebecca doesnt know what a timtam is !
    luv it all !

  4. Love the photos of your parcel! Thanks for all the nice comments Peta. I also loved my parcel sent from you!

  5. A timtam is a wonderful chocolate covered biscuit (cookie) with chocolate cream in the middle. It's what Aussie chicks pig out on when they are feeling blue.

  6. Peta, so lovely to hear from you again, thanks for visiting my new blog! And thanks for letting me have a peek at your blog too!! I'm going to keep popping back for a peek :0)