Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still Dreaming....

...of moving. Our place hasn't sold yet. Our real estate agent just rang saying he wanted to see us because he had a couple of offers. He didn't sound too happy so I am thinking they both low balled. We will see!

Love this dog bed. It is a new range at work. We are planning on getting a dog when we move and I think she would love this bed! It would be pretty easy to cover that cushion and the rattan gives it a casual french provencial look.

Aren't these silver spoon herb markers lovely? They are from etsy (loving etsy more than ebay lately.)

Another thing I am planning on having in the new place; a blackboard wall or door in the kitchen. I think it would be a great use of a pantry door. I was toying with the idea of having a glass door to the pantry and show off lots of pretty jars and canisters but I don't think it would stay pretty with a husband and two young kids!

I have a pale blue chest on order which is very much like this one. What a great use for it!

I put in my last post that I wanted a blue door, but I think I now want a pink one!

My microwave is about to blow and I am actually quite happy about it. It is stainless steel and shows every finger mark. There is not much out there in the microwave world that makes me excited. All these pictures are for ones available overseas. I think the best I am going to get here is a white one.

This is me from about ten years ago. I am on a weight loss mission and this is what I am aiming for! I am going to have to literally work my ASS off!!!


  1. Hello there!

    Nice to see you've posted, let's hope good news with the house, you must be getting fed up!

    Love the doggy bed.
    Goodness you look like a movie star in that photo

    Looking forward to seeing an updated one, once you've reached your new weight goal - although I'm sure you're lovely as is!

  2. I´m glad that I can read a new posting from you because I love your blog and love the coclour pink too.
    I´m in the same situation. I met my husband and moved to another state but I have a house and an appartment in the first state which must be sold both. But the offers are too less when I think what I have payed for it. But we need the money for our new house we have bought one year before.
    I wish you the best luck with selling your house.

    much greetings from germany,

  3. Hi Peta, nice to read your posts again, and am surprised you havent moved yet....Good luck, Im sure a buyer will come your way soon.My microwave just blew up , and Im looking for something different, we seem to be a bit boring here!
    Love that photo of you, your'e gorgeous!
    P.S The dog bed is cute, but I wonder if it might get chewed...

  4. Hi Sue,
    I thought it would sell quickly too but alas! I am still here :(
    I wish I could find something cool as microwaves are so boring. I could get one of the english ones sent over but they are no name brands and I wonder about the quality of them. Oh, and Jon would shoot me if I got a pink one!
    The bed would probably get chewed. I don't know how much they are at this stage as we haven't received them yet. If they are cheap enough I will probably take the risk!
    Thanks for the comment about my photo :)
    Peta xx

  5. Hi Gail,
    Nice to hear from you! I have been meaning to get in touch with you :)
    Have been looking at your blog and website a lot lately. I just love the direction you have taken with the beach themed items. Any chance that you will do prints of some of these?
    I think Guss would look adorable in one of those beds! How is he?
    I hope the house thing is over soon, I am sick of all the cleaning for the home opens! Although the exercise is helping with the weight loss goal!
    Hope you and your family are well :)
    Peta xx

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  7. Hi rosenresli and thanks for your lovely comment :)I feel for you having to sell two houses! Sometimes you have to take a lower pice just to achieve your end result :) Best of luck in selling! Peta xx

  8. Peta,
    Haven't stoped by in along time too see what you are up to. Didn' know you were moving. Where to??
    Those spoons are so cute and so is the picture of you.
    Nancy Jo

  9. Hi again Peta,

    I just read your comment in my fleamarket blog. But I have a second blog, where you can see the blue nostalgic radio and other old and nostalgic things. I have two little Yorkshire terriers - they have their own little beds but love to sleep in bed with us! Since I was a little girl I love all pink. I think my husband would shot me too, if I would buy a pink microwave, but I have a pink refrigarator and a pink kitchen. aid - ha ha. Oh, the blue radio is from ebay, it is new and was only 14.- euro. Pastel colours are my favourite and that´s the reason I found your beautiful blog.
    And the photo from you is so pretty - better I show no pic from me, smile.
    I wish you the best luck with your sale and hope so for me too.

    Hugs and kisses,

  10. Hi Peta, hope there is good news for you on the hoouse front real soon. So frustrating.
    Cute doggy bed.
    Good luck on the weight loss mission - take it slow and steady.

  11. love all your wish list just love it,and i know what you mean about weight loss ugh loving the dogbed does it come with he cute dog.

  12. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Hi there stranger!
    Good to see you back!
    Hope the house thing happens for you real soon. Fingers crossed xx
    Love that pink door, how romantic.
    That pic of you is gorgeous, good luck with the weight loss. I am going on a bit of a health kick too, have put on 7ks over winter NOT GOOD!

  13. Hey woman! Its about friggen time you posted! I am sooooo in love with that pink door. Ooooh the blue one was nice too but....decisions decisions...LOL.
    I think we should both get one in each colour and just change them with the seasons.

    oh and i luv that piccie of you. I need to make friends with my exercise bike again.

    Shann xo

  14. Hi there,

    I just found your wonderfull Blog, becaus I love the movie 'Pretty in Pink' sooo much.

    best regards from Vienna, Austria

  15. OHHH Love that door!! Im torn pink or blue?? I dunno they are both my FAv's!!
    happy house hunting!!

  16. Hello! Just found your blog,(can't even remember how I got here, clicked about that much!) Just wanted to say what a lovely blog, full of such scrummy pictures. I'm going to have to come back and look through your older posts.

    Love Fi x

  17. Wow you look lovely in that Pic!!!!
    It took us about 13 mos to sell our house ,though we did take about 7 mos off in the middle. The deal barely went was practically a miracle. Hope you are well and doing ok with the selling process.

  18. Good luck with the house, I hope it works out in your favor. I love the silver spoon herb markers, so clever and unique (I too am in love with etsy). That pink door is a dream! I don't know where you find these beautiful items, but I am so glad you do. And your last picture, well you are a model, and icon of beauty, a vision.

  19. Hello..

    I like your blog a lot.

    // Lotta

  20. I love your blog! I just came across it now and think it's fabulous! Keep up the lovely work xx

  21. i want it all but most of all the pink door and the pink fridge,Please santa i have been good,You are way behind girl giving the bloggers the news about being sold and moving etc
    good luck may the new house be all you want and more,

  22. Where have you been girl? Ive missed your blog posts! Have you sold your house yet? Hope all is well.

    Siobhan :)

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    Very pretty.
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  29. Peta,

    Where are you? We miss you. Hope all is well in the New Year.

    xo Cathy

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  31. You are GORGEOUS in EVERY picture, now and then my dear.