Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tom is Gross

I don't know what has got into my cat, Tom, lately. He has always caught vermin but now all of a sudden, he wants my approval!
He wails extremely loudly until I come outside to see his latest "catch". Usually a poor little mouse that Tom manages to actually flatten.
I pat him and tell him that he is a good boy (gag!) and that seems to make him happy. Today he swallowed his catch in three bites. The grossest bit was watching the little mouse legs vanish down his throat. I had to turn away!

I have been window shopping on etsy a lot lately. I have a thing for silhouettes and this one is so quirky!

This is a project I really want to do. I am guessing it will take a TON of shells. I have found the mirror I want to use. It is a lot larger than this one and is shaped like an arched window.

Another project I want to do. I have this same chandelier. I have bought a whole bunch of aqua glass drops from Ikea, believe it or not. They were only $2.95 for a packet of 5. I also want to hang it over a chopping block like in this picture.

Been tidying up for selling this place. Annoyed that I didn't notice that the mop is in the picture before I took it!

Robert Gordon lolly jar - I want this! I haven't seen it in any of the shops.

I adore this cushion but the ridiculous price of it means I will not be buying it :) Another thing I want, a union jack cushion :)

Isn't this dining room divine? I am still in love with blue and white. I definitely am going with a blue and white kitchen in the next place. With some touches of pink, of course!

I love these old 1950's pink sinks! They get ripped out and tossed from so many renovations! I saw a gorgeous powder blue one tossed on the lawn on the renovation show "Homemade."

Love this sign!!!


  1. Peta god love you ,you are a goose love the zombie sign too.Actually love all your loves go figure so there is two of us weird people im the world ! I am needing me a rG lolly jar now thanks so much for adding to my need list as if it wasnt long enough lol The place looks great.

  2. Peta just a quick note Arpothacary jars like that of your Robert Gorden jars you seek, can be picked up through a Target Store they were priced around $34.99.Best of luck!

  3. Tom's just showing you how much he loves you. I love that kitchen very comfy looking. I hope your house sells.

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  5. That's one of those cat dilemmas isn't it. You don't want to watch & never want them to do it again but they are so proud of themselves. I heard that it means they think you're part of their (pack?) and they're treating you like you are their kittens & they're showing you how to hunt prey, because you obviously don't have the hang of it yet :D

  6. I found this in regards to the lolly jar:
    I love your laundry room, you have sinks and counter space, how wonderful. I hope your house situation goes well and that your summer is a great one.

  7. Peta, I just love browsing through all of the wonderful things that you love!

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