Thursday, January 25, 2007

Six Weird Things..& Cath Kidston!

Niki has tagged me in the reveal six weird things about yourself caper. Now, I am not very keen to do this as I may be revealed as the nutter I truly am!
Niki, I think everyone in Blogland has been tagged so this ends right here, right now (throws down gauntlet.)
1. I was an extra in a movie shot here in Perth which starred Naomi Watts. Everything of me was cut out except a lovely shot of my bare legs. I had gorgeous legs then, sigh. Naomi Watts is tiny, shorter than me and I am only 5 ft 3".
2. I have an addiction to smutty gossip, the smuttier the better! You can see a few links on my side bar, these are the tamer ones! I should be too grown up for this now, I know. People tend to get shocked. What is common knowledge in the Blog world? Not so much in real life.
3.I am afflicted with a severe case of potty mouth. I am constantly having to watch myself around people in case a "F" or much, much worse comes out. Some of the mums of my kids friends let slip with an "F" occasionally and they always apologise and I just think &*$@$ *&* $%#$@! - if you only knew!

Am getting bored of this tonight, so will post the other three soon. Is that a weird thing? My attention span is very short, a little ADD I think.

More importantly, Cath Kidston's new Spring range is out! I am just gasping with complete avarice here! You can go to her site by clicking on the title of this post.


  1. That Cath color pallete is sooo yummy. I think you can count your short attention span as a weird thing!

  2. Hi Peta,
    I have been trying to email you directly, because I felt so bad about the tag thing!!
    I posted my six weird things, then chickened out and deletaed the whole post! I suddenly didn't want the whole world to know how weird I am!!
    If you don't want to play, I totally understand! (Also, 'MRS. Potty mouth', I give you permission to swear at me!! lol)

    I haven't seen the new CK range yet, even though she has a shop in Bath (UK) - 20 minutes from my home! Will check it out soon!

  3. Niki, $%@#$%$!!!! I was going to email you to say I was thinking of chickening out!
    Maybe I will end up deleting it too. Or maybe I should proudly let my freak flag fly?
    CK doesn't do much pale pink and roses stuff anymore, it is a shame.

  4. Thanks for turning me on to CK! Wow! I love her stuff!
    Heeey! I haven't been tagged yet!!! Waaaaa!
    Now how weird is that... that I want to be tagged! Weeeeird!

  5. LOL You and I will get along marvelously! $%#@&! (ha ha)