Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Weird Thing & Cupcakes

Okay, number 4 - I am totally addicted to coloured popcorn. And not just any coloured popcorn. It has to be in the blue packet from Woolworths. It tastes divine and all the additives have me flying for hours!
Have found some great pictures of the Robert Gordon china cupcakes that I collect so I just had to add them to my blog!
I keep them all on a white wire cupcake stacker also by Robert Gordon. Here is a photo of it from a while ago. Must take a new one as the brown cakes are now gone and I found a whole lot of cupcake shaped candles in the prettiest pastel colours. And they look real! Kids and adults alike are always asking if they can have one lol!


  1. Peta, what on earth is colored popcorn????

  2. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Just found your site it is so neat , Love the cupcake holder :) Crystal

  3. Are they expensive those china cupcakes ? They look brilliant.

  4. Hi weirdbunny,not really. $9.95 each for these ones. I think that would be 3 or 4 pounds.

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Would you happen to know where I could purchase some of these cupcake? Thanks so much. Brenda

  6. Brenda, they were made by Robert Gordon Australia but they are all discontinued now. Sometimes you can find them on ebay Australia. Good luck!