Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flickr is The MASTER of Time Suckage

Wow, it is 1.30 in the morning and time has FLOWN as I have been fully absorbed by the wonderful pictures on Flickr.
Click on the header to see an album by damselfly58, a fellow Aussie.
I just love this picture of her poodle collection and I can see in the background that she has the same mini drawers chest that I have. Her vintage album is so incredible, so many things I want!
I have also included this picture of her Royal Albert blossom time saucer as I have the same one found at an op-shop a few weeks ago.
Also this pic of her Royal Winton Pink Petunia cup which looks to be perfect and cost her $1! Mine has a chip and cost more than that!
The polka dot cup and saucer is adorable, I have a bit of a "thing" for polka dots.
The last picture is of the top of the same Robert Gordon cookie jar that I have. It is shaped like a big layer cake with "icing" roses on top.


  1. what a delight!!!!!!!! - now I know where to go for a PINK lift - color therapy folks suggest that pink is the color of tenderness, unconditional love and supportive of the inner child - whatever - sometimes I have to dress in just pink for days at a time - your blog is a real treat - come visit me for a hit of red - at the moment - cheers! -eb.

  2. Don't think I dare go on the flick thing tonight, I won't ever get to bed. Plus I get so many ideas then I can't sleep. So much to see and do, don't think I could ever get bored.

  3. Nancy Jo, I know what you mean, I found it hard to sleep with all the ideas buzzing through my head!
    eb, would love to see your hit of red but your link isn't working!

  4. love those poodles,I think they are called spaghetti poodles,for the noodle-like texture.

  5. Oh...so many pretty pink things...love, love, love them...they are delicious!

  6. BlossomTime! I remember this ...I think this was my Nana's pattern!!

  7. I adore the blossom plate!

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM


    glad you like all my pretty things. it made me smile to read all the lovely comments here. the poodles are indeed "spaghetti" poodles. i have a great love of pink. i try and go past it but i can't. i like it mixed with green.

    thanks and kind regards,
    debra / damselfly58

  9. Thanks Debra for visiting my blog! I love pink and green together too, most of my house is these two colours plus a little pale blue as well.
    You have the most stunning things!