Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Knew? I have ANOTHER Collection!

I was inspired by "Nostalgia at the Stone House" to see how many Jugs I have and wow! I have yet another collection!

The cute cow jug is 1950's Japan Ware and the pale green jug is "Weekday Weekend" by Wedgwood.
The second photo shows Royal Winton "Pink Petunia", Japanese lustre ware and Alfred Meakin Elegance.
The third photo has a James Kent sauce jug, a little Japanese jug and a Pink Petunia sauce jug.
The big blue jug is another Wedgwood "Weekday Weekend" piece. I have used this as a vase and as a utensil holder. The other jug is vintage Japanese and I actually collect this pattern, I have 5 or 6 pieces of this.
If you click on the header you will see the post that inspired me!


  1. PETA,
    You have a lot of pretty little jugs, guess getting them all together reminds you of what you have. I went to the thrift store this morning if you have time to take a look. Had a pretty good day. Then I checked Niki's site and wanted her stuff. Boy did she have some good finds yesterday.

  2. Oh Peta ,this goes with Risa's tea-party today!!
    What goodies!

  3. Hi Peta, Glad you joined in - I don't feel so guilty now for having so many jugs!!

    Of course you have some beautiful pink ones!! Thanks for sharing your collection!

  4. Oh, meant to say, that I LOVE the pink gravy boat and the other pink jug surrounded by rose printed ones. Simple and stylish.

  5. Adorable! Are you still MILF'ing? Or do you want me to move your link to my regular blog reads instead?

  6. Peta-can you email me your addy for the pink and brown swap??

    Wow, what great treasures you picked up!

  7. So lovely and delicate these jugs are! Beautiful!