Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Shabby Chic Home

I was so excited to find this pink glass juicer or reamer in a department store the other day. It is an exact copy of the depression glass ones (I have some of these too.) I have always wanted a pink juicer and now here it is! However I would prefer a depression glass pink one but I am not sure if they even came in pink. Plenty of green and clear ones, but alas! NO PINK!
I was browsing on the net and came across some pictures from one of my fave books, "The Shabby Chic Home" by Rachel Ashwell.
I remember her writing that she likes to make all her cupboards look gorgeous so that when she opens them she gets a pleasant thrill. She recommends using pretty, vintage containers as storage and even newer ones (she does mix up new and old things.)
I like using cane baskets for storage and pretty, old tins. Old wallpapers as shelf liners and if I can find them, some crocheted edging for the shelves.
My mission to sort out the house by the end of the school holidays is coming along well. I have been diving under my daughters bed pulling out all the stuff she shoves under there when she "tidies" her room. She definitely has the same cleaning style as her father. The house looks immaculate after Jon cleans but wear a hardhat if you open a cupboard as a mountain of crap is sure to drop on your head!


  1. Think Pink that's what I say! I love the Shabby Chic books, mixing old with new is her motto so your pretty in pink (glorious pink - I feel a song coming on) juicer should fit in fine.

    I love the name of your blog, thanks for coming by mine. Still being so new to the blog I always get a great thrill when anyone leaves a comment.
    Best wishes Ginny

  2. Wow, I love that decorated wall. You're going to have to show lots of photos of your newly organised home you know!

  3. Love the pink juicer!
    I also love ALL the Shabby chic books....they are my Bible! Wish I was as tidy as Rachel! Good luck with your spring clean!

  4. Lovely,I'm considering a shabby chic theme,for my littlest blossoms room re-do. I think you inspired it!

  5. PETA,
    I don't think I have ever come across a pink juicer, I have some pink depression glass but not that. I have a green juicer is all. Yea that wall is something, where is that in your house?

  6. The bed in that book is my fantasy. I imagine kids are with the hubby and I am in THAT bed with a cup of tea (with milk and sugar), cookies and a great movie. Aaaaaah!

  7. I love the pictures you posted and adore the juicer!

  8. Victoria, I will be showing pics but Nostalgia at the Stone House has inspired me to take photos of all the jugs I own!
    Nostalgia, I bet it's not that tidy usually. I also bet Rachel has a housekeeper.
    Jungle Dream, glad to be of help :)
    Nancy Jo, those pics are from The Shabby Chic Home book.
    Lotta, alone time in bed rocks!
    Thanks Heather for the comments :)

  9. A pink juicer! Lovely! Mine is boring and clear. :)

    Send me your email for the pink and brown swap!!


  10. Peta you can find feed burner here: good luck and thanks for saying hi! Calamity Kim

  11. I love the citrus squeezer and am also in Perth. Where did you find it? I have a blue one. I got it in Karrinyup at a kitchen store there. Please check out my neighbour Kims shabby chic home, she lives in Perth also near Swan View. We've started a Facebook fanpage;