Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jungle Dream Pagoda Inspired me....

to post photos of my assy Valentines centerpiece. I have mucked around with this a lot. I originally had a glass tree with pink decorations but the cat kept knocking it over. And the husband.
My fave bit is the "love" glass bauble. The pink floral collars around the candlesticks are vintage as are a lot of the crystal prisms hanging off them.
The little tealight candles are battery operated, a must with my two little cherubs (and the cat who would set his furry bum on fire.) The picture below is of my bad boy, Tom. We have a love/ hate relationship. This is a cat who attacks the mailman and he is only one! So not even full grown!


  1. I realized after we had Jack that the cats can be a major pain in the arse. And we have had one set himself on fire! So, nothing but battery candles for us too.

  2. I am so excited I inspired you! That centerpiece is lovely,and Cats,gotta lovem'

  3. VictoriaE2:42 PM

    Amazing how cats can fit their heads into these strange spaces.

  4. I love those cupcakes and the cupcake stand. I never knew such things existed and now I want one.

    Oops, comment in the wrong place. I also wanted to say Tom Cat drinking is so funny. Must teach my cat to do that. Knowing him, he might be doing when my back is turned!

  5. That kitty is wonderful! Great photo! Love those pink candlesticks too!

  6. wonderful valentine centrepiece! I am especially in love with your cnadlesticks!!

  7. I hope the drink was non alchoholic, LOL! That is too cute.

    Love your Valentine's center piece. I saw some frosted pink candle holders the other day, now I'm wishing I would have purchased them. UGGGHHH


  8. OKay, that cat is pretty darn cute but I bet that's just a front. ;) And I don't think your centerpiece is assy at all. I did, however, think I was the only who used the term assy. Throw some goodness behind that and we'll be friends forever.

    Mailed your swap goodies today!! You must live on a deserted island where they have to jet the mail in by flying monkey for what it cost. LOL