Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Horror Day

Awful day yesterday, I spent most of it crying. The crux is we nearly lost our bad boy Tom, pictured above when he was a kitten.
Our Tommy is a bit of a thief, he has been jumping the fence and stealing food from other cats. I don't know what happened but he came home with a broken leg and abrasions.
Then a horrible experience with a vet, I should have known better, their phone number had 666 in it! He wanted to charge $1000 to fix the leg. Plus he was going to charge me $300 for looking at Tom, x-rays and anesthetic. When I said to him to call me before doing anything!
Well I went down there and cried my eyes out and got it reduced to $50. And brought Tom home. I was feeling pushed to either pay for an expensive operation or put him down.
I have given him a homeopathic remedy and it seems to be helping. He is eating and putting more weight on the leg.
I am saying lots of prayers for my cuddly, psycho cat.


  1. Oh no Peta! So is the leg casted or what? Is there no other vet?

  2. Not casted, I think the vet was trying to rip me off. He is a lot better today and is actually putting weight on it now. The remedies are working really well.

  3. vicki3:45 PM

    Hope tom is feeling better, we have a pysco cat as well, actually we have 2 cats. They are both siamese and the older one has been known to leap through a flyscreen door to get at a dog. The other one, was hit by a car and broke his leg and had to have it pinned. When I brought him home they told me not to let him jump around. They obviously don't know Charlie too well. I wont even begin to tell you about how he hates the vet and manages to hold on to his wee until we get him into the car!...and I wont even mention he has been bitten by a brown snake and the other one has survived two bites.

  4. Oh Vicki, they sound like a handful!

  5. Peta ,I am so sorry,my 12 yearold cat,is very sick right now. We have taken him to the vet 2x in 3 days and I think hes gotta go back.Poor babys,they just can't tell us whats wrong and its so sad.

  6. Oh poor baby! I hope he is doing better now. Cats are tough though, he'll be back to his old self soon I just know it!

  7. oh no, that is horrible, glad you got that vet to reduce his nasty fees.

  8. Thanks Rebecca and JDP! JDP, so sorry to hear about your cat, I know how heart breaking it is. They really are family.
    JDP, what is your first name???

  9. Oh poor Tom. He looks so adorable. I hope he is Ok and heals soon.
    My completely silly cat swallowed a rubber washer and had to have surgery that cost hundreds. He was sooo sick but he bounced back very quickly. I always meant to frame that &$#@&* washer with all the bills!