Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pretty Pictures to Cheer Me Up

I am actually feeling a lot better as Tom is feeling a lot better. The homeopathic remedies are really working well for him!
I thought I'd post some pictures of my latest buys. It always cheers me up to see pretty pictures when I open my blog page.
I am just posting pics of my Josef girls at the moment. I bought the pink and blue ones from ebay and the green bell Josef girl was from the swapmeet. I found out that the green one is worth at least $100! To think that I was annoyed that the seller wouldn't come down in price from $5!
Picking up Lucas from school now, his first day back!


  1. Love that green girl,her hair,sigh.

  2. These are lovely! I always want pretty little things like these but I have no where to display them. i need to remedy that. :)

  3. Precious finds... sweet colors!
    Love em... love em...