Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Still Here

We switched over to Naked DSL (sounds exciting doesn't it?) so I was without the internet for a few weeks there.

I am loving this french fragrance by "Diptyque." They are the company that makes the tres expensive candles that all the celebs love. This scent is based on a 16th century receipe for pot pourri. It costs about $100 in the shops but I was stoked to find a full bottle in an op shop for $4!

Love this collection of pretty plates on a blush pink wall. Love the little girls tea party! This image is from the book "Australian Vintage."

Love the tongue-in-cheekness of this necklace. Imspired by Kate Moss, it features a little gold spoon and a vial of white powder LOL!

What I want to buy next from work. French white wrought iron wall cabinet with glass shelves. Oooh, I really like that vanity stand too!


  1. I love that wall cabinet too Peta!

  2. Good to see you back Peta.
    No wonder you want that cabinet from work. It's lovely.

  3. Welcome back

    Now, I have to find a copy of Australian Vintage. Amazon here I come!

  4. ok i want that wall cabinet as well. And the necklace...what a crack up! Only someone like Kate Moss could get away with that. Thats a classic.
    So hows the naked internet going?? SOunds dirty doesnt it, LOL.


  5. Hi Peta,

    Glad to see you back. I think I would have withdrawal if I was without internet. LOL I do like the wall cabinet and I have never heard of that perfume but anything French is good.

  6. Hello hello! I just came across your blog while searching Robert Gordon goodies online! :)

    Such eye candy!

    Loving this page from Australian Vintage!! ohh I must see more from this book!! I hope I can get it here in the USA!

    I'll be sure to visit again soon!
    xoxo Jenny

  7. That necklace is hysterical!!