Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Old Swap

Very old news now, but at Easter I participated in an Easter swap. My partner was Shannon from Paint Mine Pink and she sent me some gorgeous things she made. Here is what I sent her.

Her first piece of Villeroy & Boch, a cute Easter bunny with roses! And all the other stuff you see in the photos (taken by Shannon.) Even the box is part of the gift. It is one of those clear shoes boxes.

I was browsing the Myer catalogue and look what I came across - Marie Antoinette mugs and plates!
How divine will these look in my Marie inspired room?

Our new family member, Lily, hanging out with Tom and being dressed up as a fairy by my daughter!


  1. Oh my goodness, love the kitty being dressed up and both of the cats together. My girls used to do that to our male cat when they were young, he was never too happy about it. LOL Love your swap gifts too.

  2. What great swap goodies.
    Looks like Lily has settled in well. She makes a cute fairy.

  3. Little Lily is SO cute!! :)

  4. Love all your goodies, everything is adorable ....Even the Kitties are, a big welcome to little Lily

  5. I always love all your beautiful photos, they make me feel happy and cozy : )

  6. So love kitty in her tutu!!! I would be minus an arm if I did that to Miss Kitty!!!!LOL Lori

  7. My dear Peta, I lost your comment, I approved it but blogger did something funny, when I clicked my back button I could see it and I copy and pasted it into a external document (which I'm glad I did because it disappeared) it said " Hi Gina, Hope your treatment is going well :) Hugs... Hi Gina, Hope your treatment is going well :) Hugs, Peta" I don't know if you want to be troubled with a repost but I apologize, and thank you for your post : )

  8. Hi Peta,

    Just checking in on you and hoping everything is well.

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  10. Oh my! Your Tom and Lily looks just like my Kitty Anne and Pinkie! What a small kitty world it is...

    One of my fav childhood memories is dressing kitty's up in doll dresses. I must do it again...

    I'm enjoying your blog!


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