Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue Inspiration

Tonight after seeing a friend's blog (Alison)I felt inspired to do my own post of blue images.

Louis inspired blue-grey cabinet. It is now discontinued so I won't be getting this, wahhh!

Gorgeous Marie A plaque by my friend, Linda.

Cath Kidston china coffee mug.

Blue prayer ladies from my collection.

Wall decoration at the Petit Triannon.

Typical male, lol!

Vintage style tags.

Marie in her fave colour, blue!

Aubusson rug, I WANT.

More Petit Triannon.
Freezing here in Perth. We are not used to such cold weather here. Our gas plant blew up so there are power restrictions too.
I am redecorating our living room soon with a blue theme and all these blue posts are very inspiring!


  1. Hi Peta.....thanks for visiting me today! I love the pale blue shades that you are showing, so peaceful:-). To answer your question our shower doors are etched glass, but you could probably do similar with the etching kits that are sold these days.

  2. Hi Peta lots of gorgeous blues. This weeks color for shades of Inspiration is pink - so that is perfect for you. So join in and post some pink then put your pics on the Shades of Inspiration Flikr site.

  3. Oooh Peta that Aubusson rug is so gorgeous. When you sell your soul to buy one do you think you could grab one for me too...??? LOL.

    I looove all those blues! I cant wait to see how you do your blue room :)

    Luv Ya
    Shann x

  4. Love your blues Peta - look forward to seeing your blue themed room very soon. Very cold here in Melbourne too, I've been painting in my Ski Jacket!

  5. beautiful blue especially french blue!

    Siobhan xo

  6. I love blue also. It reminds me of the sea and sky. Hope you stay warm. You can always come here to Ohio where it's very warm and humid. Not sure if that's any better though. LOL

  7. Love the Rug, love the drawers, all so pretty!

  8. drool, drool and more drool! I just love it here at your blog, it's a beautiful window.

  9. Hi! I just want to say that the picture with blue velvet chairs is not in the Petit Trianon, but in the Castle of Versailles, it's the diner room of Louis XV and Louis XVI, we call it "Retour de chasse".

    Riddle who works in the Château and the Trianon...