Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mel's Rose Place

I am getting slack with the blogging lately, I know. My only excuse is that I have been ultra busy lately with the kids on holidays.
Here are the photos of my friend Mels gorgeous house. Click here to find out more about Mel and all the beautiful roses she loves to grow.
Mel had her place in one of my fave magazines, "Country Home Ideas" in November last year. Lots of thanks to Gail for sending me scans of the magazine.
If you click on any of the photos you will be able to see them in larger detail. Enjoy!


  1. Mel's house is gorgeous that's for sure, love the two top photos that weren't in the magazine. Look forward to reading your new posts when you're back in the swing of things

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures from the magazine. I would love to get that magazine here in the US!


  3. Hey there, they are just gorgeous, fit for a mag! If only I could get my act together!!

  4. Thanks guys, I am glad that you have enjoyed Melinda's place :)

  5. Oh my goodness Peta i am really blushing now! You have also inspired me to do a blog so will start on that, have added a few piccies tonight and slowly working it out. All i can say is never just drop in on me as the image differs greatly to the photos lol, Mel xx

  6. aww peta, you have done a wonderful job showcasing Mels home, just so sweet just like miss Mel!
    PS. I have added you to my favourites, cant believe I havent done so already as I always check in!