Monday, October 08, 2007

Where I Blog From

I am up late tonight listing on turbo lister so I can upload tomorrow morning. I am pleased that I managed to get 7 auctions ready to go. I will do a post on them tomorrow.

It was Gail who suggested we show photos of where we blog from. I blog from my little corner desk in my living room.
Above is my pin up board. Bought from a thrift shop for 50 cents then painted pink.

A decapitated prayer lady and hatless kitty hold my pens and pencils. Another prayer lady hold the bills!

A full view of my little desk. I still manage to fit a lot of crap on it!

Lefton roses collection with one piece of much treasured Royal Winton roses. Can you see the little faux chandelier hanging from the shelf? This was the first "chandelier" I ever owned, before I could afford a real one!

And a taste of what I will be listing tomorrow. A vintage "Instant Coffee" canister by Napco or Enesco I think.


  1. You've made that little corner so pretty Peta, it's inspiring to have your favourite things around when you're working isn't it. Thanks for letting us see where you blog

  2. What a pretty and neat little corner you blog from.

  3. Love Your Little Pink Blog and all the roses, so glad I stopped in, Love all the sparkles and florals & PINK!

    Angie :)

  4. I sure wish my little desk was a neat and pretty as yours!


  5. Love your desk- sooo cute...and I am so bidding on that coffee man :D

  6. Peta, just love how you call your beautiful desk display "crap" you want to see crap then check out my work area, not even half as beautiful as yours. In fact I am too embarrassed to show it on my blog!!

  7. Peta your sweet lil' corner looks so cosy. Makes mine look 100 times worse than it already is LOL.
    I can just see you sittin there chattin away to us all :)

    And ummm, who be-headed the poor ole prayer girl???? LOL

    Luv Shann xo

  8. Wow, Peta, it looks so elegant!! Elegant and girlie, how can you not just love it :) :)

  9. Love your desk Peta, ours is a disgrace and usually hidden from the world! I must get it all nice and pretty like yours! I have the tea set in that rose pattern (Japan) which i bought on ebay years ago although i have noticed 1 cup has mysteriously disappeared....the things that happen when i am at work!
    Mel xxx

  10. Thanks for all the nice comments guys!