Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Ebay Auctions This Week

I have six auctions running on ebay this week; click here to go to them. It is quite a challenge listing whet the kids are at home on holidays!
The jar above is porcelain in the German style.

Pretty folk art "Welcome" sign.

An old "Grindley" luncheon set which is complete and in fab condition!

Gorgeous "Countess Rose" vintage jug. I can tell you that I was VERY hesitant about selling this one.

Retro 1950's "Diana" casserole dish. Of the old Australian potteries, Diana would be my favourite. I love the Shrek ears handles!

"Clio" mug by Wedgwood. This pattern is now discontinued. I loved this pattern and displaying it when I worked for Wedgwood.


  1. I love all the pretties you are selling. I swear I think Mike should move us to Australia! You guys have the best stuff! lol!


  2. Hi Peta,

    My hat goes off to you for getting six beautiful auctions running during school holidays...I am up late trying to get mine ready to list as my son drives me up the wall if I am on the computer when he is home!

    Siobhan :)

  3. Peta, you certainly have some pretties listed on Ebay this week.

  4. Good luck with all your Ebay listings! They are all so pretty!

  5. Peta, I 'm curious? How can you part with that gorgous rose jug????? Lori

  6. That jug is waaaayyy to pretty to sell!!

  7. I wouldn't want to sell that rose jug either. Your new blog look is lovely.