Monday, November 06, 2006

Pretty In Pink

My internet friend Jullie wrote this fantastic poem about our shabby chic chat group.

We are the pretty chic girls

We hang out on line and chat

No not to find lovers or others

For we are too busy for that

We find the bestest bargains

Yes we fight both tooth and nail

We love all the op shops

and we love the word sale

If its old sure we'll love it

If its quirky then thats great

Unless it comes in pink now

well It really doesn't rate

Can we shabby chic it ?

Rachell Ashwell shut ya face

Think you made up shabby chic

Hang your apron in disgrace.

For we were born to rummage

to survive to tell the group

Peta we have to thank you

for creating our little troop

We are sisters in the shabby

we are family in the chic

And I hope as far as friends go

we will last to be antique.

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