Friday, November 03, 2006

The one that got away....

Doesn't it just kill you when something that you collect that is VERY hard to find gets bidded to above your price range? It kills me.
Another pattern I collect, Alfred Meakin "Elegance" circa the 1950's. It came in six colours but I mainly concentrate on the pink. This recent auction had a couple of pieces that I had never seen before. I really wanted the cake plate!
Anyway, it went to over $100. Here is a picture for me to look back at and sob over!


  1. Your blog is just beautiful! I love it! Pink is my favorite. :)

  2. My favorite too, I mean. :)

  3. Thanks Tiffany, I love your blog too :)

  4. Peta,

    Love, Love, Love the bird swap goodies you sent me!

    I will be posting them on Monday.

    Thank you..