Monday, November 06, 2006

Got my Pink Tree!

Today I picked up my pink Christmas tree that I have been hiding from DH on layby. I am now hiding it under my daughters bed as he is gonna freak when he sees it!!!
Not long to go to start putting up the Christmas decorations. I am going to start with my two living room chandeliers and my big shabby chic candelabra. These are great spots to hang my more delicate, mercury glass baubles.
Here are some photos to inspire and motivate!


  1. Your Christmas decorations are incredible. I am loving them all! Lately I am addicted to collecting vintage Christmas ornaments and you have some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen!! They remind me of wonderful Christmases at my grandmother's house.

  2. Oh wow, I guess I should clarify! Although I have the same glass baubles and a similar tree these photos are not mine, they are for inspiration! I won't be decorating until around the 1st of December
    I am addicted to the decorations too, my grandma had these as well:)

  3. You are the coolest! I hope I get you in the swap I have some perfect goodies for you, If you peek at my site you won't see much yet we just got back from a trip.Soon I will be burnin' up the web with my Christmas goodies(mostly vintage).Beautiful displays ,love the colors!

  4. Love the pink tree! :)