Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celebrate, Good Times!

Happy Dance! The kids are back at school today!
I celebrated by shopping at Target and the op shops.
I didn't find much at the op shops but I got a new pink enamel biscuit tin at Target. They have some gorgeous new things at the moment.
The biscuit tin below is my old one. Very Cath Kidston inspired. I love it but it just does not fit the look of my house. So I will be listing it on ebay next week.

I was seething with jealousy of all the "pretty chic" group girls who live near this Robert Gordon outlet. A sale! Click on the picture to view the pink cake shaped cake stand I am trying to track down at the moment.

Below are some of the things I have listed on ebay this week. Click here to go to them.

New Villeroy & Boch Christmas tree decoration. I am working for them on Friday and I can't wait as I am unpacking all the new Christmas stock! Can't wait to see it all.

Vintage money box. What a sweet face on this little mouse!

Vintage planter with chic coloured lamb.

Honey pot with matching dipper!

Another Villeroy & Boch piece, a large snowman tealight holder. I am selling my V&B stuff as it just doesn't fit in with my Christmas collection. Hopefully this years V&B range will be more in the shabby chic palette.


  1. What cute stuff! At least you're in the same country as Robert Gordon! hee! hee! You gals have me wanting to move to Australia!


  2. Peta, I wont rub it in that I do go to the Robert Gordon outlet reasonably often as its not too far from me. I promise I wont! Love your back to school oppie finds!! My kiddies went back to school last week, its amazing how much you get done isnt it :0)

  3. Hi Peta, I often go to the Robert Gordon outlet, to be quite honest the prices aren't much cheaper than some of retail outlets they supply to, I'll keep an eye open for the cake stand for you, often Spotlight have great Robert Gordon specials. Loved your other finds

  4. love the little lamb planter and y our biscuit barrell, the old one that is!

  5. Wish i could go to that Robert Gordon outlet..wonder if there is one up here? Love all your cute things! Mel xxx

  6. Cute, cute, cute stuff!

  7. Hi Peta,
    Love he little lamp planter!!! Im off to have a looky now.

  8. I agree, absolutely luv Robert Gordon I've had my eye on the new stitches collection. I have seen the pink cake stand your looking for on ebay recently. Not sure how much but it is lovely I'm sure it's not tooooo expensive...