Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 Random Things About My Kitchen

My friend Nicole tagged me for the "8 Random Things About My Kitchen." I usually don't participate in these but this one interested me. I have a thing about my kitchen, it is my favourite room. Did I tell you all I now work in a kitchen and homewares shop? It is very tempting trying to resist spending up a storm!
I still work for Villeroy and Boch, am unpacking Christmas stock for them tomorrow.

So, eight things.

1. I love collecting kitchen stuff but I don’t particularly like cooking!

2. I have a collection of vintage and new thermos flasks on top of my kitchen cupboards.

3. Most of my prayer lady collection is in the kitchen also.

4.A collection of pink anodized jelly moulds on the wall. This has grown quite a bit since this photo!

5. My dream would be a pink Smeg fridge and a retro style pink oven.

6. I have about 6 different sets of canisters, most are on display.
7. I have heaps of tin signs on the wall, most featuring cupcakes.
8. I sorted out half of the cupboards in the holidays. I got rid of quite a bit of stuff. Now to brace myself for the other half.

9. Bonus thing – in my next place I want a heaps bigger kitchen. Not because I give a crap about cooking but for more collections!
Is it bad that I work in a kitchen store and don’t like to cook?


  1. Ooh i need that fridge and oven and microwave i do i do Love your kitchen peta just love it.

  2. LOve your collections Peta...i need that pink fridge and oven as well, how divine. Now you have to tell me how many collections of things do you actually have throughout your house?!, amazing! Mel xx

  3. Oh how weird, I have just come back home from a little holiday in Christchurch with an old school friend, and she has just ordered the cream Smeg appliances, her husband wouldn't go with PINK!!!, I had never heard of them until yesterday, are they not just so fabulous? and I too would love them

  4. I love the second stove! So cute!


  5. How cool it would be to have the pink fridge and oven. Love your jelly moulds.

  6. HA! Love your attitude to your kitchen, mines not for cooking either, just for display!!!

  7. There's no limit to what I would do, to have that second pink stove!

    Deanna :)

  8. Love all your pretty collections!

  9. Oh your pink dreams are so yummy!

  10. Pink appliances! That's great! I love it.

  11. Anonymous2:00 AM

    WHERE DID YOU GET THE LAST STOVE!? it's so cute! i have to have one!

  12. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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