Thursday, July 26, 2007

"The Secret" Works For Thrifting!

Most people have heard about the secret. Not really a secret, it is basically positive thinking and to be it you have to feel it.
So I haven't won a million dollars yet but I am working on it! It has been working for all my thrifting though! I have found amazing things lately.
Look at this haul from the Sunday swap-meet!

Plates, tureen and trio from the Alfred Meakin "Elegance" dinner set that I collect. The first time I have ever seen this pattern in "real" life.
Also a pretty green enamel bowl painted with pink roses, my two fave colours and fave flower!

The next two books in the "Shopaholic" series which I have been dying to read. Every time I have gone to buy them at the shops they have been out of stock or I don't have any spare cash.
Beautiful vintage tray with lots of roses!
The "Kai und Mia" book is a quirky gift for my brother, Kai.

I was over the moon when I spotted this thermos. Brand new and only $3! I collect these, I think this is number six.
And I couldn't believe it when I got these salt and pepper shakers, they are wooden and just the shade of pink I love!

The wicker mirror is a great shade of pink too. Probably needs to be repainted but who can complain for fifty cents?


  1. Love the secret- it does work :)

    And what gorgeous finds- although I want that mirror hehe! Will have to try it on my sales and thrifty looks I think

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    I love your plates and tureen, those are so pretty. I love pink too. I also love your pink kitchen scale, it looks so cool and vintage.
    I agree the secret works, it may take awhile but it's worth it.
    :) Bren

  3. Those thermoses are cute. Where do they usually sell them down there? (Before they go to the thrift.) We don't really have anything like those around here, but I think I saw them on Pearl River Mart a few years ago.

  4. Ah yes, O.K, you did WELL!!! Love the new pink items! Lori

  5. Can't believe you get to go to swap-meets for this sort of stuff - I thought swap meets were for car parts. Jelous.

  6. Wow Peta! You got some great items! I love that Alfred Meakin "Elegance" dinner set. Very pretty. I have a thing for pretty china and dinnerware. Loved the enamel bowl too! PS - I am still imagining how I am going to live out my Million Dollars that is coming my way!

  7. well i just dont know where to start with this one! YAY to you for getting more of your Elegance pattern. Whenever i am out 'junkin' i always keep an eye out for it for you :)
    You did really well with all those pretties, i luv em!

  8. Your lovely little praying pink girls in your title caught my eye. I LOVE these girls and have a fondness for them as I now am the owner of my grandmothers. They are the sweetest little creatures.

  9. O.K your killing me !! Who makes the 2 items about ice cream on the right side of the site????? I am in love with them!! Lori

  10. You found some awesome treasures! You lucky little devil!! I love the tea cup and saucer!


  11. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Dear Peta, My mum has things to make you drooool! She has a full set of elegence rose in PINK. Her father-in-law had a big win at races in late 50s/early 60s and bought her a pink, his wife a yellow (like yours) one daughter a blue and another a green. At one stage Mum nearly smashed hers with a hammer she was so angry with him. We lived in a pink house, had a pink FB HOLDEN with pink fins, a pink bath and basin, my bedroom was also pink and most of my clothes. Needless to say I DO NOT LIKE PINK MUCH NOW. Luckily I have 2 sons, but the pink MEAKIN IS VERY beautiful. Just thought you might be interested Bye for Now