Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter, Tom & Cupcakes

I have been lost to the world recently due to the above book. I finished it yesterday and it is definitely my favourite of the series. I am not going to post any spoilers which was another reason I have stayed offline recently. It would have been awful to have the ending revealed before I had finished the book!

Tom has made a little friend, a neighbors kitten. He is rather neglected by his owner. Just skin and bone and filthy. He is very scared of people too. I give him food and cuddles because I feel so sorry for him. My husband gave him a bath last night and he is actually bright orange under the filth!

I bought these set of four cupcake and ballerina greeting cards from Gail McCormak recently. Too nice to use as cards. I framed them with clip frames from Ikea and they are now on my kitchen wall.


  1. Love those frames,

    you gonna have to asopt that kitten you know, hes rather cute...

  2. Hello! I am in the middle of the book and thank you for no spoilers. :) I have been so worried I'll go online and see something and have it ruined for me LOL

    How sweet is Tom's new friend??

  3. So now you know the mysterious details of Harry Potter!
    What a sweet kitty, and you even sweeter to be so caring of him.
    Love the new cards, great idea to frame them!

  4. Toms friend is sweet, I call him stumpy as his legs look too short for his body! He has a mum who would be so upset if we kept him as we want to move soon.

  5. The cupcake cards look great all framed up Peta! And that little kitty looks to me like he thinks YOUR place IS home!! How sweet!

  6. Hey peta, I have some of Gails cards in frames too :)
    sorry, not a Harry fan at all so cant join in with the thrill of the book :(

    I do love Tom and the lil kitty cat but...awww i wanna cuddle them both.