Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Coffee Table

I posted recently about the coffee table I bought from ikea. It was boring beige, so I painted it white. I wanted to paint the inserts white also but Jon put his foot down. I am working on him.
I am making a first attempt to put a movie on my blog where you can see lots of shots of the coffee table.
This was taken after I had gone to work on a Saturday. I thought Jon cleaned the house when I was at work but I was wrong!

The painting above the fire was done by me when I was sick with the flu. I was so fed up of not being able to go thrifting that I just had to do something creative.


  1. Hey Peta, I saw your question about my ebay stuff, and as soon as I get off my duff and get something on there, I will shoot you an email.

  2. That is very funny to see!! Love what you did with the table, and your kids look like they enjoy cleaning!

  3. Peta,I love your sweet place,and your adorable kids!!! What fun to post a movie! The table is also great!

  4. Brilliant! Your lounge room is gorgeous and so are the kids.

  5. How cute and funny!!! That table is 100% divine ugh you could decorate inside it for every holiday!!! I need one of those!! Love, Lori

  6. Wow I really love the painting you did, it's so lovely. And I really like that cool table with the plates, very clever!