Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The kids are on school holidays and I always use some of that time to declutter. I am very much a Virgo in that way; things have to be organised and they have to have somewhere they belong.
I also like moving things around as it gets rid of stagnant energy and adds a feeling of freshness.
I tackled a spot that always attracts junk and grime; the top of the fridge. I took everything off it, wiped it down and just left two fuchsia vintage canisters and an old salt shaker. The canisters are chock full of bits and bobs!

When I was sorting through my kitchen cupboards I came across the old blue anodised shopping basket you can see hanging in the background. I love it when you find things you forgot you had, it's like a surprise gift!

I hung this vintage string dispenser dolly from the shelf above the fridge. Found on a recent thrift at the church op-shop. Too cute!

This is the shelf above the fridge. I added the "chic" plaque I recently bought off ebay. The fairy cake sign has also been moved here.


  1. Ok Peta, I have a few auctions up and running. My ID is daisykins514.

  2. Peta! Quite by chance, you have been tagged by me. Do with it what you want; it is just a blog experiment I am trying.

    Nice blog, by the way.

  3. I LOVE a lot of this stuff in these photos. Can relate to having many cannisters full of everything. I remember cleaning out my house last school holidays and how you were doing that too, and as I was doing the same thing this week (mainly as a stress reliever) I thought "I bet Peta is cleaning out her house too"!

  4. Well, that sounded a bit stalkerish, didn't it!

  5. Oh I just love that sweet face!

  6. Adorable!!! love the string doll!

  7. I have one of those old wire basket thingies! Mine has red handles and I keep the onions in it :)