Friday, May 25, 2007

I Want A Giant Rabbit!

Ever since I saw this picture and read about "Herman" in a magazine I have wanted one of these gorgeous German Giants as a pet. Look at the size of those feet - apparently they sound like a small earthquake when they are hopping along!
They can be house trained and are very affectionate.
Jon and the kids are against the idea. The rabbit terrifies them.
The tradesman who did my new floor loved Herman (he saw the picture on my fridge.)
He said if he had one he would get it a leather studded collar and take it to the pub for a beer. Sometimes I love real Aussie men!


  1. Man, rabbit pee really stinks. Pee from a rabbit that size? Yuck. LOL

  2. Is that for real? Surely some Photoshop was involved! Even so, that is so cute but kinda scary, imagine a bite from that bunny.

  3. Wow, I want one too. My friend housetrained a rabbit very well, so it is possible. Tom might not be too keen on sharing his place with a huge bunny though!

  4. Bee, it is for real, there are lots of photos and groups about these rabbits. Never thought about being bitten!
    Tor, Tom is a naughty boy, it would serve him right!

  5. omg! is that bunny for real????? debbie

  6. OMG, that precious thing is real!?!?!

    Wonder what all it would knock over, tho?

    Love your blog, just found you today thru Coll's blog. Take a peek at my blog when you get a chance. I'm having a Wedding Week!!

    Angelic Accents

  7. I KNOW I KNOW so effing cute. i want one too. i wonder if you can get them in perth? or even in australia?