Monday, May 21, 2007

Ebay Auctions

I have four auctions running and hopefully will have more up tomorrow. I have a bad cold at the moment that I think may be the flu. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and will be able to list!

Another set of these cute vintage style measuring cups.

So quirky vintage killer whale salt & pepper shakers!

Vintage angel holy water font. Looks like Napco or Enesco.

Old cream and green enamel ware teapot.


  1. Peta !!! You must keep the holy water angel!!!

  2. You always have the cutest stuff, Peta!!

  3. I hope you're getting over the flu now. Its EVERYWHERE, all over Australia!!!

  4. Peta! you are such a charachter! I was feeling sick and down myself but you have cheered me up no end! I love your little writings and you have the best stuff! Ps. I had the exact holy water angel as a little girl. It was given to me for my holy communion. If you think of selling it, please let me know! xoxo Diane :)

  5. Thanks Diane! It is already sold but I will let you know if I find another one.