Thursday, January 04, 2007

Valentines Day Tree

I received an email today about decorating for Valentines Day and other holidays with a themed tree. What a great excuse to keep out the pink Christmas tree! Not that I will, I have a little glass tree that will be perfect for my dining table centerpiece which I change every month.
I don't have any heart decorations apart from one pink glass heart with the word "love" on it. A perfect reason to go thrifting! I think some scrapbooking hearts would be great to scatter around the base of the tree. Or those heart candies with "Be Mine" etc would be very kitsch!


  1. LOL, I was trolling the internet last night looking for new valentine ideas. That second tree is very similar to my wire tree, which I change with the seasons. I have chocolate covered strawberry ornies for V-day!

  2. Love the valentines day inspiration,I guess its never too early to decorate for a fun theme!

  3. Hi Peta,
    Since I have been going more for the victorian look, valentines day has become more fun.
    Yes the Glass rose pitcher holding the flowers on my blog is German. I got a lot of nice things from my husband's aunts house, that was one of them. Did you see the old valentines on my blog? thoses are from Germany too.
    Love your pictures.

  4. Don't you just love Valentine's day? I'm crazy about the picture of the wire tree with the hearts that you posted.

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