Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I missed out again!

This is the beautiful pattern that I collect, Alfred Meakin Elegance.
Isn't it divine? I missed out on the teapot and plates on ebay as I am so broke after Christmas. I hope to goodness I see another one in the future! It seems like every time there is a good piece of this up for auction, I have no funds.
I thought I would share this photo of a mosaic covered bathtub. This must have taken ages! Isn't it just the most gorgeous thing? What a very patient and talented lady!
If you click on the header above you can see the rest of the house too.


  1. PETA,
    That is a really pretty pattern. sorry you were short on funds to buy it, maybe next time.How many pieces to you have now?

  2. Thanks for the commiserations Nancy Jo! I have over 20 pieces but have never actually counted them.

  3. what a gorgeous bath...I have an old one in the shed, I wonder...?