Tuesday, December 05, 2006

PC Desk Vignette

Have thrifted a few things lately and decided the wall above my pc desk is looking a little dull so out the drill came and voila!
The plate has what appear to be pink carnations and a pierced rim. It has no makers mark but it has that German look that I love :) I think this was $3.
The water colour of white roses seems to me to be quite old judging by the frame. It is signed by the artist and was only $2 from a Red Cross op-shop.
The cupcake painting was bought on ebay as a set of four. The super plain clip frames were bought at Woolworths.
I have got a new letter holder off ebay. Jon is going to be annoyed as it is a lot more feminine than the current one! He should be happy that at least it is GREEN! (with pink flowers *cough*).


  1. How cute everything turned out. I will going to the thrift store later this week, hope I will have as good luck as you had.
    yea that litle vase on my blog is a fenton, got a few pieces from my husbands aunts.

  2. That watercolor is fabulous! what a deal!

  3. Your husband must be a saint. I LOVE your house and style but my dh would never allow it. Go girl! :)

  4. Eileen, my husband has been well trained by years of slowly wearing him down with more and more pink lol!