Monday, December 04, 2006

Ebay Christmas Picture

So here is what I did with this adorable 1950's Christmas print that I bought on ebay recently. I got one of my mirror frames and have placed it next to my lovely PINK tree!
I have still been adding more ornaments to the tree as I find them in various op-shops. Today I found something cool in Target. A lovely bead garland exactly like the old mercury glass ones and in pretty pastel shades too.


  1. Now, it isn't nice to tease with talk of a garland and no photos!

  2. What a cute picture. I have been buying a few things on ebay, Big world of stuff on there, kind of scary, get on there and start looking around and can't get off.ANYWAY, all your things are looking really good.

  3. Thanks Nancy! And Sarah - I am so sorry, what a cow I am! I have put the garland up tonight and I will blog about it within the next couple of days :)