Thursday, October 09, 2008

Keep Calm And Carry On

I love this iconic war time print, so apt in these crazy times.
I was disgusted though that Shabby Chic is charging $295 US for these! Not even an original!
There are a few etsy sellers that are selling these prints for around $25. Ahhh, much better, keep calm and carry on! Click here for immediate relief.

My kitchen at the start of the school holidays. It is a mess now!

Found this picture on facebook. That is me in the background!
I think the boys all shopped at the same tie store lol!

My lovely Hi Denver bookcase. Am getting the matching dining table and chairs. Love this range!

My beloved Alfred Meakin "Elegance." I was told that the sixth colour is lilac but I think that is incorrect. Have never seen a piece in lilac but plenty in this revolting mustard colour. Sob!


  1. Hey Peta,
    Well it seems I have stirred up a real hornets nest here but am really pleased to see that I am not the only one who feels this way towards the paying far too much for an item because of a *name*. Thank you for your info on the seller on etsy, I have been on & found quite a few, which has made me decide just to make my own up, that way I can *Stay Calm & Carry On*.
    Have a great night

    Lyn xoxoxoxo

  2. wow Peta loving your kitchen and love them posters could sure do withone at the moment lol
    PS loving the new look in your house

  3. Hi Peta,

    I love that picture of your kitchen. It looks so shabby and pretty. I am dying to see more of it. I sure hope you will show us more pictures of it soon.

    Take care and have a great day!!


  4. Hi Peta, i have been hopeless and havent been to visit you for ages. Great minds think alike though as i blogged about these signs a few days ago too after reading Lyn's blog! I have even printed off my own and they look great too. Mel xxx

  5. Maaaaaaaaan, I can't believe those prices for that print, sweet chick!! No way would I pay that much. I still love your dinnerware even the mustard colored one. Drop by and visit with me, honey! I think you'll get a giggle outta what I do......hope so anyway... ;-)

  6. Love your kitchen! Love the sign and I agree the price is way out there! I'm also loving your new furniture!

  7. I love that blue and pink color, and the crown is very cool! They are laying on some very pretty wallpaper by the way. Back in the day they were all wearing those skinny ties right. Those bowls are so charming.

  8. i don't think that I've ever paid that much for anything in my life LOL Your kitchen is so lovely, Peta! What a wonderful place to make magic happen