Monday, March 24, 2008

Room Inspired By Marie Antoinette

We haven't even found the house yet, but I have already started decorating it!
I am going for a more grown up look for the living room this time. I figure if I go for a more masculine look with this room, it will appease Himself and I can have free rein with the other rooms!
This room was inspired by the misunderstood Marie Antoinette.

Pink china and shoes, a girl after my own heart!

One of her fainting rooms to get away from the intrigues of court life. This is in the main palace of Versailles. Here is where I started to get my inspiration for a colour combination that would not strike a man as too feminine but would appease my french provencial loving heart!

Brown is one of only a few colours I dislike. With the softening affect of the light blue it becomes more of a neutral.

The coffee table and tv bench will be mahogany, Edwardian styled pieces. They are from work as are the two french looking pieces. I plan to slip in at least the sofa table or a smaller, half moon table. These are a pale blue grey and styled on MA's own furniture in the Petit Triannon.

MA wall decoration from the Petit Triannon. I love the shade of blue paint. I plan to do the walls a blue like this with a lighter blue ceiling to give height to the room.

Where would a Versailles room be without an Aubusson rug?

You can't get much more masculine than a brown leather lounge suite. The one I want is a little lighter than this. Much easier to wipe up spills and hide marks! Our cream suite has been a nightmare. It is gorgeous but impossible to keep clean with two children.

Salon in the Petit Triannon. You can see the console or sofa table at the front is very much like the one from my work.

What better to put the jewel on the crown of a room than a magnificent tole chandelier?

Fabric samples for cushions, maybe. A brocade wallpaper feature wall would also be fabulous. C'est tout!


  1. Mmm this will be one special house

  2. I've always loved this colour blue as well. Works great with the chocolate colour. Have you found any houses you like yet?? Hubby was in the navy so we lived in Perth about 18 years ago now I think (where did that time go??) and you could afford to have a house in Victoria and Perth then. Think it has changed a lot since those times!!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  3. I think I'm going to like watching you decorate before you have your new house. What fun you are going to have decorating a new space!

  4. Hi Peta, love those colours, and especially the cream and gold, very grown up! Im sure hubby will approve, then you can 'pink' the rest of the house!Happy hunting!

  5. Sue, you are just so tuned in to my way of thinking!
    Alicia, we have found a couple of places but our offers keep getting knocked back. People here don't realise that the boom is OVER!

  6. Hang in there Peta, if it is meant to be, it will be. You weren't meant to have those other houses. Love, love the colours. I absolutely hate brown to death, but a little with other colours, particularly blue (my favourite colour) changes everything. I think Madame Marie had something, you know.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  7. Love your thinking girl! Gve the hubby one room and you get the rest. Pink and brown look good together also. Have fun decorating.

  8. You have done quite a bit of planning! I am impressed and can't wait to see it all come together!

  9. I think you've covered just about everything!

  10. Oooh Peta...that was so what i needed to see! We are going to convert our garage into a rumpus room and i have had in mind the blue/brown scheme. I just love what you have shown and its given me some great ideas - mind is ticking over now! Aaarrrgh just need to win lotto now! Mel xxx

  11. Ha ha, you and I are on the same page! I am going to redecorate our living room to a more masuline look also with brown leather sofa's etc so that I can go wild in the rest of the house:) Cunning plans . . . . Rachael:)

  12. Hi Peta, luv it all especially the rugs I want a rug... you girls are so sneaky I luv your way of thinking... can't wait to see it all come together.

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  14. Sounds like its going to be a fabulous room :)

  15. Voila! A beautiful room! Fabulous photos and inspirations!

    kari & kijsa

  16. Now...this is my kind of room Peta!!! Love this decor!!!

  17. Anonymous9:24 PM

    estoy fascinada!!!! es un blog de los que mas me entiendo mucho tu idioma, pero te digo, que todo lo rosa y de esta tendencia me encanta!!!! las rosas son mi pasion.... NO TENGO PALABRAS PERO ME ENCANTO, TODO ....CADA DETALLE, CADA IMAGEN. TE FELICITO, DE NUEVO Y CUENTA CONMIGO, PARA LO QUE NECESITAS. TE ADICIONARE A MIS SITIOS FAVORITOS ASI, TE SEGUIRE VISITANDO MAS TIEMPO, CUIDATE Y DESDE COLOMBIA TE MANDO UN FUERTE ABRAZO Y UN BESO

  18. Are you my twin ?

    We have the EXACT same taste. i love marie antoinette as well.

    Reading your blog was almost like reading mine!

  19. Anonymous3:46 AM

    I really like this site but I have to say light blue & brown dont go together.

  20. Anonymous9:51 PM

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  21. did you already find where to buy these? I LOVE them!

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