Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Secret Doesn't Work For A Fat Ass

You know how I have been on about using The Secret in previous posts? Well it is working really well for making money and finding work. Not so well for loosing some inches off my behind. Of course, the chocolate toffees and iced coffees aren't helping. But The Universe should be able to make those things diet food and adjust its reality to suit my eating habits, right?
Yeah, I know I'm deluded. Now that the weather is getting better it is time to start walking again and adios to my beloved toffees *SOB*

Below are some of the auctions I have running on ebay this week. I am finishing these on a Wednesday this week to try something different.

Wedgwood "Rosehip" frame.

Vintage vanity travel set.

Vintage pink anodised jelly moulds. I collect these and there is a wall in my kitchen full of them. These are some of the "doubles." If you want to see a picture of my wall I think it is in my first or second post, way back when. I have added to it since then.

Love this old set of cups and saucers and that the stand looks kind of like a love heart.

I used the camera software to cartoonise Lucas and one of my auction pictures!


  1. Bad luck about the toffees!! Love the cups and saucers on the stand.
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Thanks for the info on the secret Peta, must watch it. Love your new ebay auction goodies, that's a good idea changing the ebay ending time, hope it works
    fingers crossed
    Gail xo

  3. I have now read your entire blog and laughed - a - lot! Love your home and all your beautiful treasures! Good luck with Ebay. Rachael

  4. Thanks Gail, Alison and Rachael :)

  5. Peta, those cups are just adorable! We just don't have things like that here in Texas. Hmm. maybe we do but I haven't seen anything like that and I've been to many antique malls and antique stores! I'll just sit here and drool over them I guess.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. hey Peta, when you work out how to get rid of a fat ass can you tell me too?? LOL mine is doing goodness knows what back there! Im afraid to look!! LOL
    Luv the teacups...soooooo pretty and rosey.

    xo Shann

  7. Love the cartoon redo of the photo ... and what lovely things you have for sale!

  8. Is that what you have to do! I walk, but Im afraid I still eat the chocolate, and drink lattes!
    It is that time of year,dont worry you're not alone!
    I love the plates and saucers on the stand too!
    PS Im still kicking myself, I missed that cake tin!Got another one up your sleeve??

  9. ROFL I just spit tea all over my screen reading Shann's comment (nutty girl!) Such gorgeous treasures, Peta, and your little Lucas is so cute!!

  10. Peta, your cups and saucers are simply gorgeous! Great auctions for you this week. Blessings... Polly

  11. Oh that vanity set!

  12. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Hi Peta,
    Found your blog in a link off Gail's.
    i have really enjoyed reading your blog, esp. about the Secret, I am laughing to myself. Keep up the good work. Have added you to my list of blogs that I love to read, will check back in a few days for more updates on the Secret!

  13. Ah, being but being deluded is the dream vehicle for all new realities! Meaning, if we want it, it's the first step, so here to diet chocolate!