Saturday, May 12, 2007

Goodbye White Cupcake Stand!

I am selling my white cupcake stand on ebay, not because I don't love it but because I bought ANOTHER one... a PINK one!

Now if I could of I would have tried to have kept both and enjoyed myself buying more faux cupcakes to fill up the other one. But making the world a pinker place is a constant struggle aginst the forces of the Husband. So I have kept one and will bide my time until my next pink purchase...coming soon.


  1. LOL - Love it Peta. But you should have kept the other one too. Maybe "the Husband" wouldn't have noticed. Love Tom, he's gorgeous. I'd like a cat, but my Maddie dog would have a pink (of course) fit. Have to settle for smooching with Shannon's lot.

    Coll :-}

  2. happy Mothers days sweetie ! I love your pink stuff!