Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you, I hope it is a safe one for you and filled with lots of chocolate that does not go straight to your ass :)

I am loving my latest swap, the pink and green Spring Fling
swap. The challenge was to find thifted, crafted or store bought items that are pink and/or green and representing each letter of the word "Spring." Some of those letters were quite a challenge!
I am ready to send out my parcel to my partner Sally and as you can see from the picture above, she is ready to send her parcel to me! I can't wait! I am already in love with the doiley she has wrapped one of the packages in.

Forgot to add these with my other Easter decorating posts. I always love to decorate this particular candelabra for the holidays. Lots of easter egg baubles and vintage glass birds.

A poem by one of the girls from my "pretty chic" yahoo group. Her name is Jullie and she is so very entertaining :)
Her blog is in my links - she has the most wonderful collections.

May your easter be pretty chic,
and may the eggs stay wrapped
and their fillings not leak.
When the bunny comes to you
may it be on next doors lawn
If he should need to poo!
And please oh please I really beg,
Let the chocolate be Cadbury
and not a no name type egg.
Then when it"s all finished,
{the eggs and the greed }
may our weight be diminished,
Oh please meet our need !
Is it too much to ask
for a guilt free type feed ?
One thing more - i almost forgot
Please scrap all these memories,
They mean such a lot !


    I just love that you decorate for easter :)

    Shann xo

  2. No name chocolate is BAD. I definately have eaten too much chocolate.. hope your weekend was good.