Saturday, March 10, 2007

Favourite Colour Swap

I recently participated in a Favourite Colour Swap and I guess it's no secret what my fave colour is!

A box of pink goodness arrived from Leigh and look how nicely she packed it! Pretty pink tissue paper and pale pink packing bubbles!

Leigh included this set of gorgeous oriental inspired cards and I am going to frame one of each and put them together on a wall somewhere around here where I can find some room, lol!

Leigh, you must have seen all my posts about my love of birds because you included a gorgeous magenta one! He is part of my Easter mirror wall display at the moment.

Also in the parcel were three differnt perfume vials (the water fragrance was my fave), a divine hot pink glass votive holder with rose scented candle. Pretty china with roses (my favourite flower!) and a rose magnet.

Thank you so much Leigh for your kindness and generosity :)


  1. So glad you liked it! When I saw the bird, I at once thought of you. :)

  2. My absolutely FAVORITE color is pink. Almost every room in my house is pink. My front door is hot pink to match my hot pink Gingerbred Shed in my English Cottage Garden.

    Would love for you to see the pics on Flickr or on my website in the Gallery.

    I enjoyed your blog. Shabbyfufu is my Favorite website on the Planet. I have lots of her wonderful goodies, that were delivered from Santa.

    How can I participate in the next Favorite color swap?

    Take care, Cathy