Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ebay Auctions This Week

I have listed four items today. Ebay is so slow lately that they probably won't show up until this evening. I am hoping to list more on Tuesday.

Isn't this butter dish lovely? Am not too sure why I am selling it, I did have it on display for a while in my kitchen and then on my bakers stand. My problem is that I am rapidly running out of room and I am trying to get some cohesiveness to my look. I want this place to look like a home rather than a shop!

Cute cow sugar box and cream jug. The creamer has cute pink udders underneath!

Sweet chippy chalk ware dog. I love chalk ware but this piece doesn't fit in with anything I have.

A thought provoking read!


  1. The dog rocks. My husband worked part time one year managing an op-shop. Which was painful for me because I wouldnt buy stuff from their because I thought people would think I got a good price due to that (overactive conscience)!! Anyway, an old friend came over to visit my house and she took a look around and then goes "Do you just keep all the stuff for the op-shop here?"

  2. That would be mega painful.
    Ummm, to me that friend's comment sounds rude - is that just me?

  3. Oh,Peta
    keep the butter dish,its to you to give up!!!!

  4. Love the butter dish! And such a sweet dog!