Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First Bit Of Christmas Decorating!

Today was the first day I have had to myself in ages with all the sickness drama we have had around here!
I went op-shopping and got some great stuff including some mercury glass Christmas baubles. Usually I find plenty of these every year but the four tiny ones I got today are the first I have found. I added them to my table centerpiece along with some more baubles I already had. I will probably change the snail for a gingerbread house in a couple of weeks.
I also added some pastel cookie cutters to this cafe sign that is hanging in my kitchen.


  1. That's really cool, I get really excited going into opshops this time of year, hoping they have put out their Christmas stuff. Ours haven't yet, hoping next week. It's still posssible to find amazing old op shop Christmas decorations.

  2. It is possible, but getting very difficult! I love the old glass bird decorations but have only found one - EVER!